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HYT Hytera DMR Digital 2-Way Radios
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Save up to 40% over Motorola MotoTRBO* Digital Radios
Compatible with Motorola MotoTRBO* Digital Two Way Radios
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 Hytera Digital DMR Two Way Radios - Motorola MotoTRBO



Hytera is one of the leading providers of professional wireless communication equipment in the world. Hytera focuses on meeting the needs of the customer by providing innovative and professional two-way radios, wireless systems and services. Hyteras focus on R&D places it at the leading edge in the development of innovative two-way radio solutions.


The Hytera family of digital portable & mobile radio products offer some truly unique features not currently available from other digital radio manufacturers putting them at the leading edge in this field. Hytera digital radio technology delivers clear and secure audio enhancing your communications and improving efficiency and operational effectiveness.



Interview with Gary Kleiman, of Hytera Communications America explaining the new features of Hytera Digital 2-Way Radios


Reasons for Digital Two Way Radios

Analog technology has reached its peak and can not breakthrough the technological limitations including

  • Up to 40% better battery life
  • Up to 20% better communications range
  • Integrated data applications & Advanced control features; Ease of use and creation of data applications or (3rd party APPS, just like cellular)
  • Efficient and simple use of infrastructure equipment saving money, power and work
  • Benefit of an open standard
  • Spectrum efficiency, System flexibility through simultaneous voice and data calls, two way calls, double data rates enabled by two slot TDMA Predictable doubling of capacity in existing 12.5 kHz licensed channels
  • Backwards spectrum compatibility with 25KHz & 12.5KHz analog systems
  • Meets the new FCC Requirements for Jan 1st 2013



Hytera Features

  • Private Call (confirmed and unconfirmed)
  • Group Call
  • All System Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Push-to-Talk, PTT ID
  • Later Entry
  • Channel Access Criteria -Channel free, Color Code free and Always allow
  • Text Messaging -Free Entry and Pre-Programmed with CPS (Customer Programming Software)
  • Support Multiple Color Code
  • Repeater Access Support (Able to make calls via repeater)
  • Repeater Analog/Digital auto detect.
  • Factory Mutual -Intrinsically Safe Portable (with optional battery)
  • Remote IO Sensing (Mobile)
  • Lone Worker
  • GPS Tracking
  • Channel Change Voice notification
  • Real Time Clock / Personal Alarm
  • Microphone Automatic Gain Control
  • 3rd party Apps, like in cellular smartphones
  • Analog Communication Features
  • MDC1200
  • 2 Tone
  • 5 Tone (MotoTRBO requires optional board to support this function)
  • Scramblin, Secure communications
  • Pseudo-Trunk Direct Mode 2-slot operation
  • Pseudo-Trunk Repeater Mode 2-slot operation
  • Supplementary services–Remote Monitor–Call Alert–Radio Check–Radio Kill/Wake-Up–Emergency Alarm
  • GPS Data over Text Messaging System (ARS)
  • Enhanced Battery Saver
  • Trunking Operation (DMR Tier III protocol)
  • Radio to radio Cloning
  • Option Board for encryption and other application
  • Man Down Emergency Alert
  • VOX, Voice opperated Transmit
  • Voice Recording
  • Repeater System Multi Site
  • Repeater System Auto Roaming
  • Analog Communication Features
    • MPT1327
    • Phone Interconnect (DTMF)
  • Digital Communication Features
    • Direct Mode True 2-slot operation
    • Trunking Voice and Data Calls
    • Conference (DGNA)
  • Voice/Data Encryption
  • Digital simulcast system for wide area coverage
Lakeland Communications is an authorized
Five Star Hytera Systems Dealer
847-245-4800  or  312-970-0498


Product Features

Superior Audio With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technology, Hytera ensures better audio quality across a wider coverage area.
  High Frequency Spectrum Efficiency Benefiting from TDMA technology, Hytera allows twice the number of users to share the same channel. This is a huge relief on increasing shortages in spectrum resources.
  Durable Battery Compared to an analog radio, Hytera can obtain an extra 40% operating time between charges at the same output power.
  Dual Modes Hytera Systems operates in either analog or digital mode and is compatible with analog systems currently in use, allowing organizations to easily migrate to the digital era.
  Secure Communication* Hyera is furnished with an enhanced digital encryption capability. Eavesdropping issues are no longer a problem now that your communications are fully secured.   Versatile Functionalities In addition to conventional communication functions, Hytera Systems features versatile digital and optional functions such as TXT Messaging, GPS*, Range Check*, Data Transmission*, Man Down Connection Alert, Private Call, Telephone Interconect,Trunking, IP Mulit-Site System Connectivity, Mulit-Site System Roaming, and much much more... 
Expansion Port The Hytera Product Line allows for further development of additional functions using a reserved expansion port.
  Ergonomic Design

  • Compact and light weight structural design makes Hytera easy to carry and operate.
  • Large-sized HD color LCD display and big push-buttons facilitate your access to various functions.
  • The globally patented antenna design ensures convenient operation and remarkable GPS* performance.

 Reliable Quality Hytera is strictly compliant to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F as well as IP57 standards, and is fully reliable in extreme environments.   Versatile Voice Calls
The intelligent signaling options of Hytera support different types of voice calls, including Individual Call, Group Call and All Call.
Messaging Hytera can transmit and receive short text messages and predefined status messages.
Emergency Hytera is equipped with multiple emergency alarm methods such as Man Down and Silent Emergency, enabling you to get instant help in the case of a critical event.
Scan This function allows you to listen to communication activities on other channels so that you can keep a close track of your team members, both Digital & Analog.
Software Upgradable With this feature, you can enjoy additional functions and upgrades without having to purchase a new radio !!!     

* indicates: 5yr Warranty on handheld/portable radios; Free demo in the local Chicago Milwaukee area.  * Motorola & MotoTRBO are regerstred Copyrighted © trademarks of their respective companies.

Lakeland Communications is an authorized
Five Star Hytera Systems Dealer
847-245-4800  or  312-970-0498



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DIGITAL and ANALOG in 1 Radio!  (Migration with Ease)

Here comes the PD782, this well received DIGITAL hand-held from Hytera since it was released well over a year ago is built to VERY HIGH standards. It's endowed with an ergonomic design, packed with a lot of digital functions and remarkable quality to increase your management efficiency and enable you to be responsive to emergency situations. It is widely used in public security, transportation, business, forest industry, manufacturing, and so on WORLD WIDE

hytera digital two way radios motorola mototrbo xpr dmr vxd

Hytera Digital DMR Video Catalog


Hytera Digital 2-Way Radio Software Apps



  hytera pd782 digital two way radio video PD782 Hytera has a 5 Year Hand Held Warranty


1. Large-size colour display

PD782 / PD782G adopts a 1.8”TFT LCD display (65536 colours), allowing good visibility even under outdoor strong light. The globally patented industrial design and antenna design ensure convenient operation and remarkable GPS performance.

2. Ergonomic key

The smart body incorporates big keys for ease of use and precise operation.

3. Distinctive knob design

Separated by the antenna, the two knobs of the portable radio stand apart from each other, which reduce misoperation when with gloves on or under dim light.

4. Integrated antenna

The radio antenna and GPS antenna are integrated to ensure convenience and better performance.

5. Rugged and reliable

The PD782 is full compliant to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and passes HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test), which ensures outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

6. IP67 compliance

All portable radios comply with IP67 requirements, withstanding immersion testing (1m for up to 30 minutes), ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

To learn more about "PD782 and all our Digital Products",  please click HERE.



The world's thinnest and smallest analog / digital two way radio with Bluetooth

hytera x1e 2-way radio video



Are you FCC narrowband compliant

Digitalize your voice with DMR two way radios from HYT America

Digital DMR Radios in action - PRODUCT VIDEOS

Motorola MotoTRBO Like DMR Digital 2 Way Radios

Digitalize your voice with Motorola MotoTRBO compatable 2 way radios for less money than oem radios

What is DMR - Digital Mobile Radio is a digital radio standard specified for professional mobile radio (PMR) users developed by the european telecommunications standards institute (ESTI), and first ratified in 2005. The DMR protocol covers unlicensed (Tier I), licenses conventional (Tier II) and licensed trunked (Tier III) modes of operation, although in practice commercial application is today focussed on the Tier II and III licensed categories.

Superior audio preformance DMR digital technology provides better nois rejection and preserves voice quality over a greater rainge than analogue, especially at the farthest edges of the transmission range based on the combined application of marrowband codec and digital error correction technology.

An affordable DMR Solution with an ergonomic design and versatile functions. PD-780: 256CH, 1500mah Li-ion battery. Functions Include: Dual mode, text, GPS, high speed data transmission, & emergency. MD-780: 25W/45W, & 256CH. Functions: Dual mode, text, GPS & IP connection. For more information contact: 847-245-4800

Hytera is a new from HYT America, one of the fastest growing communications companies in the USA. Two Way Radio Communications is going to becone digital just like television has last year so with this change over coming soon HYT is producing this high end technology at low end pricing and making it compatable with existing equipment already produced by other manufactures.


March 1st 2010
Lakeland Communications
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Digital DMR Radios in action - PRODUCT VIDEOS
Motorola MotoTRBO Like DMR Digital 2 Way Radios